Two Year Blog Anniversary!

Two years. The number itself sounds so small, but when you think about committing to something for two years, it’s quite an accomplishment. Maybe you’ve been in your home for two years, you kicked a bad habit two years ago, or celebrating the two year mark of being married! Two years in a lifetime doesn’t seem like much, but you’re here. You made it. I made it. Today, I’m celebrating my commitment to this space, because let’s face it; in 2021, anything and everything is worth celebrating.

The last year of blogging took a turn in a way I don’t think anyone saw coming. All of a sudden a place that was once filled with wedding advice, trends, and timelines became irrelevant. Not just because I took the last year to find myself all over again as a mother, but because weddings were simply not happening. As much as I love love, there were more important things to write about. Scratch that. There were important things to not write about, not talk about, but instead listen about. COVID hit. Riots were happening. The world was dividing. It was a time to listen, so writing naturally took a back seat.

My once bridal-heavy blog became a safe spot for me to share my raw feelings on motherhood and life. I doubted my opinions, and questioned if I should actually share them- but I’m thankful for the people that show up and hear me out regardless. I’m thankful for readers that click the links I share, my family that supports me, and the community of girls I’ve surrounded myself around through writing and collaborating. Most of the time I’m scatter brained, and truly just not feeling creative… but that’s the beauty of the journey, am I right? We ebb and flow, and somehow keep moving forward.

I recently sat down and took some time to reread last year’s posts. I was moved and brought to tears by a few of them. In some moments, I forgot I was the one who actually wrote them, impressing even myself with my words expressing so much emotion. *Cue proud moment. If you missed last year’s anniversary post, click here. How sweet it is to reflect on where I was exactly a year ago <3

For fun, I’ve linked a handful of other posts from the last year…

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you’ve stuck with me for two years and a grand total of 64 posts, I appreciate you more than I could keep telling you. Working towards a dream is tough. There have most definitely been times I’ve wanted to quit. But I know the work always pays off. I have a feeling Year 3 will be my biggest one yet. Exciting things are coming!

PS, who needs a wedding planner?! 😉 XO,

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