A Sustainably Styled Tablescape

Back in the late Fall I started getting the itch to work outside of writing, but naturally I was overwhelmed. I believe in my knowledge and my creativity, but comparison is the thief of everything…

I was chatting with my mom and had seen her gorgeous wedding china, and knew I wanted to center a project around showcasing her pieces. The touches of ice blue gave me winter vibes, but the floral pattern warmed it all up as well; similar to these early Spring days. The air is crisp but you know warm weather is on the way. Her pieces felt like a perfect seasonal transition. I decided to reach out to Kasannah and see if she wanted to collaborate together on a “sustainable tablescape”- using heirlooms and pieces that you may already have/or that you can reuse. You can read all about Kasannah’s business HERE, but to quickly catch you up; she is a florist that works not only with real blooms, but also sola wood flowers. “Forever florals” as she would say. I knew her business model would tie perfectly into my sustainability theme.

Although we ended up using real florals in the centerpiece bouquet, Kasey preserved the petals, staying true to sustainability. I’ll get to that in a bit.

For the shoot, I wanted to stick to my original inspiration and not purchase anything unless I had to. Of course table runners, new napkins, glassware, etc would have been easier and so exciting to style; but I took my low budget and made it a fun challenge for myself instead. Aside from my Mom’s china being the focus, I also inherited and showcased my Grandmother’s silver, a classic white porcelain pitcher and cake stand from my own wedding registry, and any other details borrowed from Kasey or my mom. The shoot took place at my parent’s house in their very traditional dining room; which I must admit wasn’t initially the style I had in mind. But it ended up being a sweet ode to the entire tablescape. My younger brother was so gracious to take photos for us, although these kinds of detailed shots aren’t necessarily in his wheelhouse. It was truly a morning of learning all around!

Floral Preservation:

The beginning blooms
The styled arrangement

Kasey is planning to write out a blog post of her own, talking all things floral preservation. Truth be told, my own bridal bouquet is still hanging upside down at my parent’s house. Looking back, I wish I would have preserved them, pressed in a frame. Be on the look out for her own post!

Collaborating with another creator gave me the pep that I needed… and also excites me for my future in Waynesville. A bridal empire in our small town America?! Okay! I hope one day Kasey and I can both look back and remember our first shoot together (in my mom’s dining room, with my younger brother photographing). Growth is a beautiful journey <3

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