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Two Year Blog Anniversary!

Two years. The number itself sounds so small, but when you think about committing to something for two years, it’s quite an accomplishment. Maybe you’ve been in your home for two years, you kicked a

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Happy Birthday, Connor Herbie

I wasn’t going to write a birthday post for Connor’s first year…which seems very unlike me since writing is my favorite way to express my emotions, and I’m a pretty open book about everything else

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Raise Them Kind

I’ve had this post in my notes for a few months now. I didn’t know when or if I would ever actually publish it. It hovers over a heavier topic, making it a bit harder

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9 Months Postpartum Update

It’s 2pm on a Thursday, and I’m rocking my 9 month old, while he’s finishing up his second nap of the day. His second nap is never as great as his first. Usually within an

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Connor’s Helmet Journey

When you become a mother, everyone warns you about “things”. People tell you that you’ll have sleepless nights. They say all babies grow at their own pace, and not to compare to others. And it’s

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I’m Kelly! Born and raised in Ohio, wife to Jake, and boy Mom to Connor and Henry. Blogging about life, motherhood, and helping brides make their dreams come true. 

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