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Trends. Some people love them, some people hate them. Personally, I think I fall right in the middle. As a wedding professional, I’m encouraged to know what’s currently trending for brides, but it’s also my job to make sure a wedding remains classy, and timeless. It’s always fun to incorporate some unique aspects into your day, but don’t cross the line; making it “too much”. I believe weddings should be classic with a touch of quirkiness. Below are some of my favorite trends right now.

I’m starting off with a very controversial one; putting your bridesmaids in white. Yes, white! I’m LOVING this trend, but also a bit picky about how a bride should go about it. Personally I think the all white look is stunning during a black-tie event. With your guests most likely arriving in black or navy evening gowns, white will let your party stand out. Just make sure your own bridal gown has some uniqueness as well. Texture in the fabric, a fuller skirt, or even undertones of blush or mocha would be a great contrast to your girls. All white against black tuxedos… need I say more?!

Remember back in the early 2000s when all bouquets were giant and ball-shaped? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not dragging that trend. At the time, that’s exactly what was “in”, but now in 2020, we are far from anything round and symmetrical. Today’s floral bouquets are organic, asymmetrical, and effortlessly created to look like it was just picked from a garden. The textures and fabric ribbon hanging from the stems make it straight out of a fairytale. Although I personally opted out of this much excitement for my own bridal arrangement, I am loving seeing brides carry it.

Speaking of florals, ceiling installations of flowers, greenery, and lighting is the new fabric drapery. The creativity is endless, and a great focal point for over your kings table or on the dance floor. (Your florist and wedding planner should be able to help your vision come to life.)

Okay, one more touch on florals. Well, actually, not specifically florals but GREENERY! When in doubt, add greenery. It can go on your tables, in your bouquets, down the aisle, on your place settings… just add it, everywhere! It’s a trend that I hope stays around for a while. *Bonus, it’s more budget friendly than flowers!

Bows. Bows. Bows! Need I say more?! Clearly I was loving this trend even two years ago, because I happen to add a custom bow to the back of my own wedding gown. (See the far right photo.) Nothing says girly like a giant Dior bow on the back of a wedding gown, elegant chiffon bows on a pretty heel, or a soft organic bow in your decor. Just make sure you steer clear of over-doing it and making it look “themed” (like anything else). I’m convinced a good bow will never go out of style 😉

Neon signs are such a fun add if you’re wanting something unique for your reception! You can custom order or get a generic one online. Throw it behind your sweetheart table, make a photo op for your guests, then hang it in your house for hosting later.

A neutral color palette is so classic, and although somewhat of a “trend” right now, I think it’s one that you won’t regret in years to come. Sticking to beiges, topes, ivories, and even black is classic, safe, but still very 2020. Monotones are in, and if you’ve seen my house… you know this is right up my alley.

Something that’s a bit more fun, unique, and simply a bonus if your budget allows, is some type of champagne truck (or any food truck/vendor truck). The vintage inspired ones are so pretty, a perfect photo op for your guests, and an experience that will make your wedding like no other. Understandably these don’t come at a low cost, but it’s too cute not to add-in if you’re up for it. Other popular but less expensive ideas could be a champagne tower, or donut wall. Pinterest has so many cute set ups!

Along with a lot of brides keeping their weddings pretty neutral in colors, florals, linens, etc., super clean and simple cakes are also common. I personally opted for a more basic buttercream design, then added fresh peonies from my florist. It’s true… sometimes less is more.

Late night snacks isn’t a new trend, but I think it’s one that we can all get behind! Whether it’s midnight pizza, donuts from the local shop, or your favorite guilty pleasure… it’s the perfect way to incorporate some personality into your reception, and help your guests fuel up on the dance floor. My Cincinnati girls; how on trend would late night Skyline be?!

Lastly, I love how photographers have gotten so creative with informal photos… far from our parents’ traditional line-up at the church alter. My biggest piece of advice is to trust the professional, and let the photographer have fun! Maybe browse their business page and see what past photos they’ve taken and suggest similar poses. Overall though, they’ll know exactly how to capture your day. Some of my very favorites that Kayla took on our wedding day are candid ones. It’s as if you are there, feeling the emotions in that very moment <3

Trends. I happen to love them, but it’s okay if you don’t.

Simple cake or watercolored tiers.

Organic wildflowers or red roses.

Black tie or outdoor rustic.

It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s your dream come true.

I can’t wait to see what the wedding world evolves into next! XOXO,

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