One Year Blog Anniversary!

As I’m sitting here rocking my baby, wondering if I’ll ever sleep again, I can’t help but think about where I was a year ago. If you’ve become a frequent reader of mine, you know I’m an open book on my website. This platform has become more than just a creative space for all things bridal, but also a personal journal for me. I’m grateful that others have not only accepted my honesty, but also found empathy in my writing as well. Whether you are getting married or have been married for 30 years, trying to get pregnant or have 4 grown kids, or simply reading just because; we’re all a lot more alike than we generally think. We all have stories, struggles, dreams, and celebrations… I’m grateful to be here to share all mine with you.

A year ago I was waiting for warm weather, waiting for a positive pregnancy test, and waiting for a shift in my career. I had a dream of starting this blog to inform brides about this confusing and growing industry. I wanted to scream from the rooftops to brides; “Book your venue now!” “Buy your dress 12 months in advance!” “Remember WHY you are getting married!” I had a serious passion to educate, and still do. I learned a lot from my first few posts… people will critique you no matter what you have to say. Writing is tricky, especially when you like to talk a lot! And mainly, people like to read the TRUTH. I broke loose and wrote THIS blog post (one of my all time favorites of the year), just at one month of my new adventure. Y’ALL WENT CRAZY FOR IT. Who knew so many people wanted to see my messy? That feeling of empowerment gave me the courage to keep writing. But writing more about my personal life too; like pregnancy, body insecurities, facing failure, etc.

Today, I can confidently say I feel the progress. I’m no longer waiting for happier days, but instead, living them. I’ve said it multiple times, and I’ll say it again and again, GOD’S TIMING WILL ALWAYS WIN. I’ve lived it, and can now trust it with my future too. As always, I encourage you to repeat that in your mind… God’s timing will indeed win in your life. THIS blog post I wrote at the beginning of 2020 touches a bit more on this topic.

Speaking of past blog posts, I wanted to re-share a few…

My Very First Post: “The History of Weddings”

My Most Viewed Post: “An Open Letter to My Husband”

My [Personal] Favorite Post: “Things I Learned During the 1st Year of My Marriage”

A Random Bridal Themed Post: “Wedding Dress FAQs”

And Just Because: “So Now What?!”

I can’t end this post without saying thank you to a few special people in my life that have supported me from day one. Thank you to Kayla Magness, my go-to photography girl that helped me to get this blog started! She spent an afternoon with me last spring capturing all of my branding photos, but more importantly was a friend encouraging me to JUST GO FOR IT! I’m grateful for our friendship that has evolved in the last couple of years. Thank you to my readers, email subscribers and social media followers. It sounds superficial, but the likes, comments, and shares keep me writing. Thank you for showing up and showing interest. And of course, most importantly, thank you to my husband; for proofreading every single blog post, for encouraging my to click publish when I’m not feeling confident, and for simply just going along for the ride. Neither of us have/had any idea what this blog really is/was, but never once has he backed down. He realized it was an outlet I needed and wanted… and THAT’S the kind of husband everyone woman needs in her life.

*To show you just how thankful I am, check out my Instagram for my GIVEAWAY!*

33 posts later…. and today I am a new mom, a better wife, an amateur blogger, a wedding gown consultant, and a wedding coordinator assistant! Today, I am much more than I was a year ago, when I clicked “Publish” for the first time. I can’t wait to see what year two of this platform will bring! To more wedding talk, real talk, and just talking because why not?! Let’s keep dreaming, friends <3 XOXO,

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