Simple Ways to Save on Your Budget

Brides! If you missed my post about Finding Your Budget, head HERE! It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Today is Part Two on budget-talk 🙂

When planning a wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in every single detail. (I’m guilty myself when planning any type of party.) All those little details though add up, then suddenly you’re over budget, and telling yourself you’ll just eat PB&J sandwiches for a year… right?!

I’m a strong type A, so I understand the struggle of “cutting off”, but sometimes you just gotta do it. I’ve compiled a small list of ways to save on your budget:

  • First things first, check your guest list. Do you really need to invite your childhood neighbor, your coworker, or your second cousin and his girlfriend? Although it can be a difficult conversation to have, even cutting just a few people from your guest list can allow you to splurge on something else. Another costly add-up, KIDS. Listen, I love children. But a handful of kids, that barely touch their meals, and take up the entire dance floor doing the worm… not ideal. There are some things in life meant for adults, and I believe a wedding is one. Trust me, most parents will thank you. A night out for them that they desperately want!
  • Next up, food. I remember at my own wedding, I assumed a buffet would be friendlier in cost, but a plated dinner ended up being the better option. Another “cheat”… talk to your bakery about providing a sheet cake to cut behind the scenes, to accommodate your guest number.
  • Along the lines of food, and for some; alcohol may be even more important. Every bride and groom wants to make sure their guests relax, have a drink, and let loose on the dance floor; but if you’re tight on your budget, don’t feel pressured to have top-shelf spirits. Honestly, choosing to have just beer and wine is another cost-friendly decision… (and will make sure nobody gets too wild either 😉 )
  • Now of course, supporting small/local businesses will always be my suggestion; but naturally whatever you’re purchasing will be a bit more expensive than ordering from the big guys or even doing it DIY. One way to support smaller, but still save; take some of the stationary work into your own hands. Etsy is a wonderful platform for small businesses around the world, but opting for printable downloads and doing the busy work yourself could save big.
  • If you’re new to the wedding world, you may be surprised that florals can easily take up the majority of your budget. Ask your florist about in-season stems, opt for more greenery (super on-trend right now), and also how you can reuse/repurpose those beautiful arrangements from ceremony to reception. It’s not uncommon that larger pieces for your ceremony end up becoming focal points in your reception space as well.
  • Lastly, skip the party favors. Favors for your guests are fun and give a personal touch, but more times than not; guests forget to take them or they end up in the trash. Even something that may seem simple like the popular alcohol koozies could cost you a few hundred dollars. Save your money or splurge elsewhere in your plans.

Just like I mentioned in my previous post; Pick your top 3 priorities! What’s most important to you?! Talk to your significant other, your wedding planner, or anyone else contributing to your budget. With a group effort, you’ll be able to narrow down your numbers, and still have your dream wedding. <3 XO,

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