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I broke my own rule, after telling myself I was taking a much needed creative break, for the holidays… but here I am. I saw Rhiannon Bosse blog about her “Bests of 2020”, and the light-hearted prompted post was just too fun not to take part in. I believe in reflection, but honestly, I felt that this year was too overwhelming to put words together. I’m opting out of my usual “open-diary”, and sharing some simple moments instead.

With that being said, I can’t go on without saying that I’m sorry for the corrupt world around us. People’s lives have been lost, jobs and businesses closed, and our great country has been quite literally split. It’s been a heavy year for the majority. For my own personal bubble though, it’s been one of the best years of our lives; bringing our son into the world, and watching him grow. Today I choose to focus on the bests of this year. Because I believe if you try really hard, and really look around you; you’ll find the bests for yourself too, in the middle of a lot of chaos.

Without further ado. My bests, my favorites, my top moments of 2020…

Best adventure/travel/trip: Our impromptu trip to Saugatuck, Michigan. After having to cancel a trip to Florida with my family, Jake planned a last minute trip to Western Michigan. I had never been, but had high hopes for the small beach town along the coast. It was honestly one of my favorite memories this year. We rented a house with a private pool, in the middle of a beautiful garden backyard, walked the downtown area, stopping for an iced coffee or local beer, and of course visited the beach one morning. It was a short and simple trip, but absolutely perfect for the three of us. If you’re wanting to get away, head to Saugatuck. It’s charm is so sweet, and only a quick drive from Cleveland.

Best book: The Well-Watered Woman, Give me Jesus Journal. Although I’m not much of a reader, this women’s- bible study/journal has become a part of my every day routine.

Best TV show: Friday Night Lights. Yes, I know it’s an oldie, but Jake and I finally committed to watching it; and honestly, it was worth the hype. If you need a good show to binge, I would recommend!

Best album or song: More Than My Hometown by Morgan Wallen, was on repeat all summer long. And have you heard the new Russel Dickerson album?!

Best follow on Instagram: Shay, with The Mix and Match Mama has become my favorite “mom blog”. Madi Nelson, owner of Shop Talulah, inspires me to live more kindly. And Rhiannon Bosse, for all things pretty.

Best podcast: Admittedly, I don’t listen to many podcasts. Recently though during a day-trip drive, I listened to a great podcast interviewing Jillian Harris; another inspiration of mine.

Best kiddo milestone: Connor eating table food has been so fun to explore. Although he has a list of allergies, that can be difficult to work around at times; meals have been great for all three of us. We love watching his little hands try to feed himself. (Plus, it takes up a good amount of time during our longer days.)

Best trend you tried: Does having an Apple Watch count? Getting one during the summer was truly a highlight for me. I’ve become a bit obsessed with tracking my fitness goals.

Best beauty purchase: Not a new product to me; but I started back up with Rodan & Fields Lash Boost. I SWEAR by this stuff.

Best date: Pier W on our 2nd wedding anniversary. It was our first night out since having Connor. We drank too much, reminisced on life, and ultimately decided that night that we wanted to move back to Waynesville <3

Best habit you created: By far and away, the best habit of 2020 was taking a few minutes to myself every morning and evening. I read Jesus Calling, a daily devotion and journal my thoughts, prayers, and gratitudes. It sets the tone for my day, and instantly makes me feel more calm, thankful, and happy.

Favorite blog post written: After looking through past posts, my first one of the year may still be my favorite. Reading it now makes me cry. No matter where you are in life, I think that post could hit home to all.

Best new recipe: I think I’ve perfected the infamous homemade cinnamon rolls from Ambitious Kitchen.

Best life or mom hack: Grocery and Target drive-up! (How did I survive before this?!)

Best mama moment: Becoming a mama <3 (And getting to stay home with him every day.) Now that I am a mother, I truly understand what a blessing and privilege my son is. My heart aches a bit more every time I see a post or a share about a baby lost, or a mother hoping, praying, and trying for a child of her own. Without realizing it, praying for mothers from all stages of life has become a daily thing. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful.

Best home improvement: Jake TRANSFORMED our back patio back in May, and it quickly turned into our favorite hangout during summer evenings. I’m still amazed looking back at the before and after photos!

Best little luxury you’ve enjoyed: Strolling Van Aken and grabbing a coffee has become a weekly treat for myself. In the summer, Connor and I would walk there for an iced coffee, and sometimes meet Jake as well. It’s a neighborhood hang out that will be missed when we eventually move out into the country.

2020 was a lot. There were hard realities we had to face and constant disappointments. But it was a year that my family will never forget. Jake and I became parents, and nothing could take that joy away from us. It’s a privilege to have this family of ours. I pray that when Connor hears about the year he was born; he hears truth about our world, but also the light he was during tough times. He was our hope and happiness when everything around us was crumbling. 2020 was a year of growth. I don’t wish to relive every moment, but I’ll never talk down about it. 2020, the year that changed our lives forever <3

See you in 2021! XOXO,

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