Connor’s Nursery Reveal

When we moved into our house almost 3 years ago, the sweet tiny room across from our bathroom just naturally became “the nursery.” It’s the perfect size for a baby, and just felt calm and cozy. For almost two years the room acted as an extra closet, my personal workout space, an extra guest room with a complimentary queen sized air mattress, a catch-all room. We always referred to it as the nursery though; with dreams of one day rocking our baby to sleep in it. Connor’s nursery is now my favorite room in our home. It’s calm, cozy, soft, and a dream come true.

Now that Connor is over two months old, I guess I could finally post his nursery reveal that I promised PRIOR to his birth… oops! But in my defense, we didn’t know he was a BOY, so the nursery wasn’t quite complete anyways. I also envisioned my younger brother photographing his nursery, with our family of three as well. But thanks to COVID-19, I’ll be settling with these iPhone pictures.

Not knowing the gender of our baby meant that we couldn’t paint the nursery walls the lightest blush pink, or frame trucks and dinosaurs above his crib. I was okay with that. A lot of people struggle with this, but if you know me, you know I don’t like much color in my home. Every other wall is white anyways, so it wasn’t a big deal! However, knew I wanted the nursery to feel very “BABY”. In a few years, Connor’s room will be full of toys and whatever “boy thing” he’ll be into; so while I can control it, I want it to be a room that’s soft, calm, and cuddly.

I decided pretty early on I wanted to have hints of Classic Winnie the Pooh in the room. Nothing is quite as sweet as Pooh, his friends, and Christopher Robin. My mom had a vintage watercolor painting of Pooh that helped inspire me.

My Essential Nursery Items:

A comfy glider/recliner. You’ll be spending A LOT of time in it. I *think* this is the exact one we splurged on from Pottery Barn (unsure of the exact fabric and color we chose though)…but I suggest you head into a store to test them all yourself and work with one of their in-house designers. (It was actually the first thing bought when we found out we were pregnant!)

The Hatch sound machine/nightlight. You can control all the settings from your phone. We never turn the white noise off, making his room so serene. All three of us love hanging out in there before bedtime. <3

The Owlet Sock Monitor. My absolute favorite purchase we made for Connor. It’s an investment, but has given Jake and me piece-of-mind since night 1 of being home. It’s super easy to use from your phone, and absolutely worth every penny.

Small Side Table/ Floor Lamp (Similar)

After seeing multiple “influencers” on Instagram rave about the Newton Crib Mattress, we went ahead and bit the bullet. It’s another investment, but down the road when Connor starts rolling over and moving, we felt this would be worth the peace-of-mind as well.

Crib (Similar) / Winnie the Pooh Watercolor Prints

Custom Birth Announcement Print/ Peter Pan Print

Custom Name Sign/ Changing Table Dresser/ Burt’s Bee Nursery Linen

If you know me, you know my home decor style is pretty simplistic. I want you to feel cozy and at-home, but I steer clear of a lot of color and cluttered “stuff”. Decorating Connor’s room was no different. It’s already a tight space, so I wanted to keep the walls clean with minimal hanging. Most of the wall decor came from Etsy, and linked above! His book shelves are my favorite part of his room; gifts given from his baby shower, the custom print from my very best friend, and the bunny rabbit from his Dad… when he was still in my belly.

The little room off our bathroom isn’t just “the nursery” anymore, but Connor’s nursery. The feeling of rocking him to sleep in the middle of the night is even more special than I could imagine. <3



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