So Now What?!

After the flowers have dried up, the cake has gone stale, and your dress is hanging on your closet door covered in dirt and champagne, what do you do next? Well first off, let’s be honest, you go into post-wedding depression… you no longer have excel sheets of food menus running through your head, and please, have another slice of pizza and relax just a bit.

Okay, but seriously. What about that dress? What the heck do you do with it now?! I’ve gotten this question a lot at the salon. The obvious answer is to get it cleaned and preserved professionally. This will prevent the dress from becoming yellow over time, and maybe, just maybe one day your daughter will want to pull it back out to try it on. (Don’t forget about your veil as well! This is a very common “borrowed” accessory I see brides use.) BUT before you clean and preserve it, who says you can’t have a little fun first?!

Back in February my boss told me that she hadn’t sent my gown and veil to be preserved juuuust yet. So this got me thinking. Who wouldn’t want to slip that pretty thing on just one more time?! With my ONE YEAR wedding anniversary just a few weeks away, it was all perfect timing….

**Cue all the photoshoot ideas going off in my head**

Before putting my gown away forever, I wanted to create a super fun, edgy, and completely different photoshoot in my gown, with the overall idea being along the lines of, “If I could redo it all again…” *Disclaimer though, I wouldn’t change a single thing about my wedding day <3

I teamed up with Brandie, from BrandieReneePhotography and we instantly clicked. (FUN FACT! Brandie is originally from Cincinnati too, and also got married on June 9th; AND just a few miles down the street from us! Weird, huh?!) With her “moody” vibes behind the camera, and an eye for the “dirtier places in the city”, she absolutely nailed my vision. It was so hard to decide what photos to share here, because every single one was amazing!

Blossom Cleveland provided the PERFECT bouquet that truly made this shoot come to LIFE! I wanted something that was total opposite from my original all-white, structured bundle of peonies, and WOW was it opposite!

I’m currently in the works with Megan, Blossom’s owner, to feature her store here on the blog soon! Stay tuned for the cutest post on Cleveland’s “build-your-own bouquet” flower bar.

Overall, I exchanged my classic elegant look, for a more dramatic and edgy vibe. I wanted darker makeup and messy hair, in the industrial old city of Cleveland.

So before you pack your gown up too soon, I inspire you to have some fun. Put your gown back on and go wild one last time!

Leave some love below, and let me know what you would do with your gown! XOXO,

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