“The History of Weddings”

Hi Y’all! And welcome to my first official post! Before I dive right in to veils, florals, engagement rings, etc. I wanted to start with writing a little background on myself, and how I got here today. Enjoy!

I was at a point in my career where I was just waiting for something to fall into my lap… because let’s face it, I feel blessed to say that things have fallen into my lap before. Sure, I pray throughout my longer days, and I’ve had my fair share of heartbreaks and let downs, but all-in-all, I’ve been dealt a pretty damn good hand of cards in life. At 25, I don’t have much to complain about.

But as weeks, months, and even close to a year passed, I realized that I had to stop waiting. I had to stop JUST praying for a career opportunity. I had to walk up to the edge, and finally jump. So that’s where I am today; mid fall, still holding my breath, and hoping I don’t break every bone in my body when I hit the ground. (And then make a fool of myself)

Can we rewind a bit?

In 10th grade I did a project on the ‘history of wedding traditions’. My mom and best friend helped me make a wedding cake (hence the photos), I dug out my old First Communion veil to take into class, and pretty much bored every boy in the room about wedding day traditions/rituals. My senior year of high school, I faked being engaged so I could be an extra on another TLC show that was filming in Cincinnati. (My mom and I thought it was hilarious.)

My mom did most of the work.
We were just there for the post-workout icing. 

Fast forward through college, and on to my first “big girl” job, immediately following graduation; I was pumped to score what I thought my dream job was, in Corporate America (I had my own cubicle and everything!), only to realize within a month it was not for me. I would legitimately cry on my way to work every single morning (not my proudest moments). When my ‘now husband’ had the opportunity to relocate us just a little bit closer to home, I knew we had to move. But [he said] under one condition. A career change. A 180 degree, risk the little bit of money I had, throw away all college class knowledge about childhood development I had learned… to finally follow my REAL dreams. In bridal.

* Looking back now, I don’t know if Jake and I would have lasted if I would have stuck with my desk job. I made our lives miserable. So THANK YOU to the man that pushed me into exactly what I needed. A true keeper.

So here I am now! I’ve been working as a bridal gown consultant for almost 3 years in Cleveland, at Matina’s Bridal, and STILL wonder how I landed it [all with zero experience]. After planning my own wedding completely by myself, my heart was tugging, and I knew I didn’t want to stop at just wedding gowns. The bridal world is small, in a sense that unless you’re in it, you don’t know much. It’s big though too; there’s SO MUCH info that people either don’t know or overlook. I want this space to be for all of that. Yep, ALLL things bridal. Whether you’re a bride to be, a creator looking to collaborate, or maybe just reading for fun, (hi, Mom!) enjoy!

Today, I’m hitting publish. Though my site isn’t perfect, and I’m not a professional blogger, I’m no longer waiting for my career to just take off magically. Thank you, and of course bare with me as I work through the kinks, details, and everything in between in this new adventure! XOXO,

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