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Happy Birthday, Connor Herbie

I wasn’t going to write a birthday post for Connor’s first year…which seems very unlike me since writing is my favorite way to express my emotions, and I’m a pretty open book about everything else

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Raise Them Kind

I’ve had this post in my notes for a few months now. I didn’t know when or if I would ever actually publish it. It hovers over a heavier topic, making it a bit harder

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Best of 2020

I broke my own rule, after telling myself I was taking a much needed creative break, for the holidays… but here I am. I saw Rhiannon Bosse blog about her “Bests of 2020”, and the

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Bridesmaids Proposals and Gifts

With [most] weddings getting postponed to next year, it’s giving brides more time to plan out a few extra details for their big day. The venue, florist, and photographer are most likely already set; the

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Fall Goals 2020

Now that we are past Labor Day, I can finally get on board with all things Fall. If you’ve been here for a while, it’s no secret that I am a Summer girl through-and-through. The

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Year 26

Year 26 has come and gone, and this one was no doubt, my most life changing-God giving one yet. Also far and away, the quickest one. Looking back on where I was last August… a

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Q&A with Real Life Bride, Katie

I’m happy to bring back my second round of Q&As with my girlfriend, Katie! If you missed my first round last September with my bestie, Kelsey, click HERE! I featured her gorgeous wedding, and asked

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Summer 2020

Thinking of “Summer Inspiration” in the middle of a season where weddings are pretty much MIA/TBD can be a bit tricky. The majority of us are laying low this summer, wearing our workout clothes most

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I’m Kelly! Born and raised in Ohio, wife to Jake, and boy Mom to Connor. Blogging about life, motherhood, and helping brides make their dreams come true. 

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