Winter Recap & Spring Goals 2021

Believe it or not, Spring is just around the corner. If you’re reading this from southern Ohio, maybe you’re already feeling the sunshine and hanging up your winter parka until next year. Since moving to Cleveland almost 5 years ago (woah!), I’ve come to the conclusion that the weather up here compared to anything south of Columbus is a full month behind. It can be a bit disheartening in March and sometimes even April when I call my mom and she’s bragging about the 60 degree sunshine; meanwhile we are prepping for one last snow. Anyways… are you sick of weather talk yet?! Once Valentine’s Day has passed, I look for any sign to celebrate the new season.

Today I’m recapping my winter goals and looking ahead to Spring goals. Doing this has helped me not only personally reflect, but professionally re-evaluate.

Recapping Winter Goals & Intentions:

I’m starting with my successes, my positives, and my joys of the season.

Collaborating with Kasey at Kindly Grown was a major creative highlight for me this winter. The blog post will come this month, but I’m proud of myself for doing something outside of my normal writing box. I follow so many beautiful creators online and it’s impossible not to compare to the years of talent and experience each person has behind them, or the resources they’ve collected to have a beautiful styled shoot or piece to share. Kasey and I clicked immediately both personally and professionally. I’m not only grateful for her as we grow our brands together, but also looking forward to living in the same town as her to connect and network as a team.

Combating seasonal depression one day at time. In January I focused on Connor’s birthday party which was so fun, and a nice creative outlet to keep me busy. In February Jake and I snuck away to Key West, Florida and it was exactly what I needed to refresh. I told Jake that a mid-February vacation may just need to fit into our travel budget every year.

I’ve successfully mastered my morning routine. So much so that it has become my new favorite time of day! And when I’m really on top of it, I’m actually getting completely ready too. *Stay at home moms, you feel this right?!

For my ongoing goals: Blogging more. I only wrote 7 times this winter. Life happens, and truly, I just don’t feel as creative in the winter.

Spring Goals:

  • To piggy back right off of last season’s downfalls. I need to click publish more! Truth be told, it’s not because I don’t have the content created, it’s because more times than not I am falling down the same rabbit hole from when I first started this blog. I overthink and second guess myself… “What will people think?!” “This is silly, who would read this?!“What do I really know anyways?!” Sometimes it’s inevitable; the doubting. This Spring though, I vow to publish all of those drafts sitting in my folder anyways!
  • My shoot with Kasey will be posted this month which is very exciting for both of us, but I am dreaming up another shoot for hopefully sometime April or May with a few sets of beautiful invitation suites from Camille, with Impressed Branding. I’ve mentioned before that I’m ready to test my creativity outside of just writing. I am no professional yet, but the only way I’ll get better is just by going for it! I’ve been reading up on other resources, and learning how to put my hands-on creativity to the test.
  • Aside from working with others, catching up on other creative’s blog posts, etc. all comes back to a major goal- investing in myself! I once heard a quote that goes something along the lines of, “When you stop treating your hobby like your hobby, you’ll turn your hobby into your job.” This hit home to me in the last couple months. I have big dreams, but I know deep down that I need to start investing in myself more. First up, new branding photos! Secondly, carving out time every single day to work on this blog, collaborate with others, etc. So often I tell myself that I’ll “write tomorrow during nap time”, but instead I’m folding laundry, prepping dinner, etc. (I’m currently writing this at 6 am, downstairs, while Jake and Con are still sleeping. Because sometimes you just gotta do it.) This Spring I am setting a goal to schedule in my writing like it’s a job. I’m ready to make some big changes here!
  • If you haven’t heard yet, Jake and I are building! As excited as I am to design our “forever home”, I know we’ll still be in our current home for a while. I love our house, but there are a few rooms that I’ve neglected for a few years, making it a sore spot to even be in. The basement and our guest room both being those spots. Around the new year I converted our basement to a functioning playroom/bonus room, and we’ve loved it! I’m still waiting for the bed frame before I share the reveal on here, but the basement in no longer a catch all of junk. We actually spend a majority of our day down there playing with Connor. Our guest room (which is actually our very large master bedroom according to floor plans) is quite nice, but not my personal style. With Jake’s new job, he needed a space to work but we don’t want to convert the room completely and lose a bed for our guests during visits. I’m currently working on a cozy corner for him, and will share once it’s complete! It’s definitely been a bit more challenging designing for a man in mind, rather than use my lighter pallets and feminine touches. I want to make every room in our home a room that I love!
  • On an even lighter note, my morning routine has become something I look forward to; my nightly routine needs work though. Aside from giving up my evening sweet treat during Lent, I’ve also given up scrolling mindlessly on my phone. I’ve picked up a couple books, and thoroughly enjoyed reading instead. More good news?! I sleep so much better without the blue light staring at my face.

Spring. A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”

I’m excited to start jogging once again this spring with Connor’s BOB stroller, begin our building process, and how could I almost forget… celebrate 2 YEARS here, with you! It’s Spring time, friends <3

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