Fall Recap & Winter Goals 2020

I took a break from blogging for the last two weeks, soaked up family time over Thanksgiving, then spent a few days in Waynesville, at my parent’s. It’s hard to believe that December is here. I have big plans to make every single night a Christmas memory, knowing that traditions are being built now with Connor.

Before I fill up my calendar too quickly though, I’m reflecting back on my Fall Goals post, and of course making new intentions for the winter season. Although we are less than a month away from a brand new year, I strive to start working towards these things now.

Recapping Fall Goals & Intentions:

Starting with my “successes”, if you will… I really feel like we embraced the fall season. We turned our summer walks into daily morning jogs, and truthfully, it became my favorite time of the day. The weather was seemingly perfect, I got my workout in before 9am, and Connor loved it too.

Along with an annual trip to the apple orchard, we watched Charlie Brown, The Great Pumpkin and the Thanksgiving episode on repeat, and celebrated Con’s first Halloween accordingly, with friends. Although we missed Waynesville’s Sauerkraut Festival, a true fall staple, and Buckeye football just doesn’t feel the same; I think it was my most enjoyable autumn season yet. I usually dread saying goodbye to summer… but changing into a different season with Connor just means new traditions and memories <3

As for my “continual” goal; my cell phone usage at night was hit or miss. Some nights I kept my phone upstairs in our bedroom, to be fully attentive to watch whatever Jake and I were binging, but I can’t lie and say it happened every single night. I’ve made improvement, but still have a ways to go with fully disconnecting. Dare I pick up a book this winter?!

Winter Goals:

With the New Year just around the corner, my winter goals may seem a bit ambitious, but I’m okay with making my list lengthy; knowing some of them are short term goals, and others are more long term dreams. Naturally I’ve had a history of struggling in the winter time. Come February 1st, I’m over the gray and cold days, have little motivation, and overall carry a pretty sucky attitude. This season though, I’m determined to be better. Just like in the fall, I want to find ways to make memories with Connor, every day. I want to make the little things count!

  • My first big goal of the season is to collaborate with some friends on a couple styled shoots in mind. Kayla (from Kayla & Caleb) and I have already started brainstorming a fun Valentine’s Day shoot… psst stay tuned! I also have a winter-inspired table scape coming, which includes my mom’s china. These bigger projects make me nervous, but I’m excited to create outside of just writing.
  • Along the lines of writing, I want to continue to click publish once a week. I’ve gotten better at planning content a month at a time; making my posts less “random”, but also keeping me motivated and not lose steam in my creativity.
  • Another big goal of mine is to combat my seasonal anxiety/depression. I do believe that the majority of people feel the winter blues, so I am by no means trying to say I’m much different, but I feel it. And usually it always ends with me crying to Jake by February 1st. I’m extremely lucky that we already have a planned vacation for the second week of February down south in the sun, so that will most definitely help. But since we won’t be able to hide away down there all winter, I’ll need to find a few other things to keep me busy. For Christmas, we’re signing Con up for swim lessons! Jake and I are both looking forward to it every Sunday, then lunch out afterwards. A nice little winter routine.
  • On a much smaller scale, I want to continue to get ready during the weekdays, even if we’re stuck inside from the cold and snow. Whenever I throw some makeup on, and get out of my workout clothes, I feel my mood instantly boost and I’m much more productive during the day. I’ll also continue my “quiet time” in the morning. On a good day, I’m up before the boys and get to read my daily devotional and write in my Well Watered Women journal. (Highly recommend!) Starting my day off like this keeps me calm, grateful, and overall in a much better mood. Exactly what I’ll need to scare off winter blues.
  • And like most, I enjoy a good declutter/purge at the very beginning of the year. (Fact: I take my Christmas decor down first thing, December 26th. I need a clean slate ASAP!) I’ll also focus on continuing to pay off student loan debt, and save up for future plans.

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”

Edith sitwell

Aside from summer, the month of December is my second favorite time of the year. I’m a firm believer that the anticipation leading up to Christmas is just as sweet as the actual day. I’m almost always sad to see it fly by so quickly. But like everything else in life, there’s always something “up next” to look forward to. I may or may not have already started planning Connor’s 1st Birthday 😉 Whatever it takes to get me through the Cleveland winters, right?!

PS I keep my mood board updated each season, found at the top of my blog. Here’s Winter 2020! I kept it simple and cozy, just like our life staying at home, this season <3

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