Fall Goals 2020

Now that we are past Labor Day, I can finally get on board with all things Fall. If you’ve been here for a while, it’s no secret that I am a Summer girl through-and-through. The hotter the better. And no offense to Fall, but in Ohio there’s only about a week or two of actual great Autumn-like weather, then I swear it goes right into Winter. And can we all admit that without college football, what’s the point?! Anyways, Happy Fall… I guess 😉

I find it fun to look back at my social media and see who I’ve enjoyed following throughout the years; simply from where I was in my personal life. 5-10 years ago, my Instagram page was filled with mostly college cheerleaders, which then quickly turned into almost all fashion and bridal (except spoiler: my page is still a whole lot of bridal). Now as of the last year, I mostly enjoy following other mommas, girl bosses, and women showing their real and authentic selves. A couple of my favorites are Jillian Harris and Rhiannon Bosse. I admire their balance of real-life motherhood, entrepreneurship, and love for pretty things. Whenever I watch their stories, I strive to fit more into my day. Every quarter Rhiannon writes about her seasonal goals; personally and professionally. Naturally I’m also inspired to do just that. Now that I’m home the majority of the time as a mother, I want to be better at using my time wisely. Whether that is to clean my house and catch up on laundry, to write and collaborate more, or to make the best of my time when Connor is awake; making memories with him.

Here are some goals I’ve thought about recently. I’m anxious to look back later this Fall to see where I stand:

  1. Cut off cell phone time at 8pm. Other than a few specific shows, I’m not much of a TV girl. I would much rather scroll on my phone until it’s time for bed. With that being said though, lately, I’ve realized that there are some nights that Jake and I are both staring at screens, we hardly look up to chat with each other. I’m making it a major goal this Fall to put my phone away in the evenings and spend more time with my husband… even if it is us still watching a series together. (We’re currently binging Friday Night Lights.)
  2. More dinners on the patio. Before the dreaded Cleveland Winter hits so soon… I want to make more of an effort to enjoy our beautiful patio and sunroom that we recently redid this summer. There are few things I love more than sitting under our bistro lights, with a glass of red, talking with my husband.
  3. Making our daily walks eventually turn into jogging with our [new to us] stroller. Just recently a neighbor of ours gifted us her jogging stroller. I’m a little nervous to use it, but this Fall I want to! On slower days, I’ve been trying to get Connor outside as much as possible. Now that he’s a bit bigger, I’m ready to try a couple miles with him by my side. Then I’ll be able to get more done during nap time too. Rather than squeezing in a mini workout. Killing two birds with one stone, over here!
  4. How you spend your time is how you spend your life.” A quote by Lara Casey, that I’m trying my best to live by. It’s no secret that I’m a summer girl all the way, and don’t care much for Fall. (Other than my annual apple fritter and college football) But now that we have a sweet little family, I want to make the most of every season. Instead of being sad that summer is over, I want to spend our weekends exploring the apple orchards, carving pumpkins, and watching scary movies. Fall is here, ready or not. I’m determined to make it one we’ll never forget.
  5. Speaking of apple orchards. Just 15 minutes east of us, is a family owned farm that is known for their fresh produce, and family friendly vibe. I want to make it a goal of mine to head over there more than our one weekend excursion in October. My goal is to pack up the stroller on a nice weekday, and head out with Connor. They have so many fall goodies, fresh produce, and the best walking path.
  6. Get ready twice a week! Between being quarantined in the Spring, the 90 degree Summer days, and just being a mother to a baby that wants to be on my hip at all times; I don’t always do my best in putting myself together. Twice a week though, I want to get up early, do my hair, change out of my athletic clothes, and actually look like I have myself together 😉
  7. Lastly, my on-going goal is to write more. Ideally it would be wonderful to hit publish at least once a week, but sometimes time just isn’t on my side. I have big plans on linking up with other bloggers, and collaborating with local small businesses. I guess it all goes back to using my time wisely.



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