Vendor Spotlight: Meet Hillary!

I’m happy to be back writing my third vendor spotlight edition! If you missed my first post about Kayla, head HERE! My second post with Kasannah is HERE! Now, on to meeting Hillary…

I first started going to Hillary for my hair when I was in college and lived in Columbus. At the young age of 20, I had never really cut nor dyed my hair before. I was recommended to Hillary, and the rest is history. Though the blonde highlights didn’t last long, I don’t trust any one else to play with my hair. (Like when I first chopped it all off last February.) And like every trustworthy and loyal hair stylist, Hillary quickly became a friend of mine too 🙂

Leading up to my wedding I knew the classic and dramatic look I was going for with my hair and makeup, but couldn’t put my trust in anyone but her. I’m so thankful that she made the drive down south to my parents. She made my vision come to life. (And made my mom’s makeup look flawless too.)

Mother of Bride makeup done by Hillary

Meet Hillary!

Hi babes and brides!  Congratulations to you if you’re newly engaged, just married, been married or single and living your best life! You go girl. Grab a glass of wine, put on your sweats, throw your hair in a bun, and let’s dive in!  My name is Hillary Haughn. I have a lot of different titles; hairstylist, makeup artist, bridal specialist, extension specialist, magician, hair therapist, friend, sister, daughter, dog mom and girlfriend; to name just a few. I have been behind the chair for seven years now, and work at May Hair & Skin in Grandview, Ohio. We are an extension and color focused salon, but I take care of any bridal needs as well. Bridal Hair and Makeup has always been a passion of mine that I don’t think I ever want to give up, no matter where my career takes me.  Being a small part of a bride’s best and biggest day brings me so much joy, and fills my cup more than I ever knew. There’s often much planning, decision making, meetings, and sometimes stress that play apart into your wedding day, so I’m here to drop some hair and makeup wedding tips for you to help this process go as smoothly as it can. If you haven’t poured that glass of wine yet, sister friend go do it.


How long have you been doing hair and makeup?
I have been behind the chair for 7 years now and doing bridal work for all 7 of those years.

Your favorite bridal trends/overall look?
My favorite bridal trend(s) are timeless, classic, and simple. It’s a look that will forever be on trend no matter what year. There is something so raw and beautiful to me about a simple and classic style. Both hair and makeup. With makeup, I also feel it’s most important to feel like yourself, just an enhanced version. Don’t try and do anything too trendy with makeup for your wedding day.

What should brides, mothers, BM, etc. expect to pay for hair and makeup?
Bridal service prices vary per stylist/makeup artist. Most clients are now asked to sign a contract with a deposit. This protects both the stylist and the client. Some stylists will include gratuity in their total cost and some may not. I personally include a 20% gratuity on all bridal services. The bride should always expect to pay more than an attendant for hair/makeup. I allow more time for the bride per service, and after all she is the main attraction that day. I typically spend a bit more time on her than any other person that day to make sure everything is perfect. For reference, attendants pay $180 for both services altogether and a bride pays $210 on the day of. Brides can also expect to pay for mileage, a second artist, parking, hotel accommodations if they are having the stylist travel to them, etc. There are many different factors that play into total cost for bridal services.

How far in advance should you book? What about a trial run, is it necessary?
Most bridal specialists would suggest booking them as soon you can. We stay booked out for weddings typically 6-12 months in advance. Trials are so important and I suggest every bride get one. Your trial is the time to connect with your stylist, and bring together your vision for hair and/or makeup for the day of your wedding. The trial is to find out if what you’ve been saving on Pinterest looks the best on you, and comes together the way you have planned it all in your head. Sometimes during a trial your stylist may suggest extensions for you. This is something crucial for some hairstyles that can make or break the ability to achieve your vision. Try multiple styles that day, play with little details, that’s what makes the big differences. Then, on the day of your wedding you won’t be stressed about how your hair and/or makeup will look. There’s already so many nerves and anxiousness on the wedding day, so this is one area you can eliminate those nerves from.

From my trial, a few months before the big day. We tried a couple different up-dos, and played with some “darker-more dramatic” makeup looks.

Will you put my hair accessories and veil in? Do I need to bring that to the trial?

Bringing any hair accessories or your veil to the trial is always recommended, but not a must. It helps to give the stylist an idea of what your accessories look like for placement within the style and to collaborate both your ideas together for them. I always offer to put
in the veil for the bride if timeline allows for it. If I cannot do it then I have the bride choose someone who will do it for her, and I show them how to place it in, where it goes and how to properly remove it.

Do you travel? How far, and is there an additional charge?
I do travel! 99% of my brides have me travel to them. I charge .65/per mile round trip from my salon location. The furthest I have traveled for a wedding is 2.5 hours, but I am willing to travel anywhere. If I would need to fly I just ask that travel and hotel accommodations are covered by the bride.

Is there a certain brand of makeup you will use?

Not one person’s skin is the same as the next. Makeup should be personalized specifically for your skin needs, allergies and desired finished look. I use so many different professional brands for skin prep, application and finish. I do offer airbrush foundation. I can also use the airbrush for color correcting, cheek pigment, bronzing, contouring, highlighting, brows, eyes and tattoo cover up. The brand of airbrush that I use is safe for even the most sensitive skin and is extremely lightweight.
It provides sheer to full coverage, matte or dewy skin finish. It also is a 24 hour waterproof and transfer resistant wear. (Cry all the tears you want and your makeup won’t disappear) You’re welcome 🙂 My brides, MOB and Grandmas are always so happy with the finish of the makeup and they say they can’t feel they are wearing anything!

What is airbrush makeup? Do you prefer it on your brides?

Airbrush makeup is applied using an air compressor machine by being sprayed onto your skin. One of the many benefits is that it isn’t applied with a brush, sponge, or beauty blender so it eliminates cross contamination and germs. Other key benefits of airbrush is that most are silicone based so it will stay on the skin much better than a water-based foundation. It’s extremely lightweight, sheer to full coverage, water resistant, transfer resistant, colors are custom blended to perfectly match your skin, all day wear and looks so flawless for pictures. It’s also wonderful for anyone of any age and won’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles. Disclaimer: Not everyone is a candidate for airbrush, but most are. The only reason I would choose to use traditional makeup is if the bride has noticeable vellus hair. If this is the case though, I just suggest for them to schedule a dermaplane before the wedding, so the airbrush will look flawless on them. I actually suggest all my brides get a dermaplane before the wedding day. Dermaplaning is where an esthetician will remove the dead skin and vellus hairs (peach fuzz) on your skin. Doing this will immediately make your skin more smooth, shinier and look incredibly healthier. It also allows products to penetrate into your skin and not just sit on the top layer. There are many benefits to this especially for a flawless makeup application. If you haven’t had one, go do it. You’ll thank me later!

What if I find a look on Pinterest? Can you recreate it for me?

Pinterest is a great tool to use for inspiration! Keep in mind many Pinterest pictures are using a lot of fake hair, so it can be deceiving sometimes and so many filters are applied to makeup inspiration pictures. Your stylist will do their best to use the inspiration you show them to recreate that style, but customize that specifically for you. It may not look EXACTLY like the picture you showed them, but we do our best to give you what you’re envisioning. A lot of times this is when I would suggest extensions if more hair is needed to create the bridal style they are hoping for. I also suggest my brides look at pictures they love and ones that they don’t love for both hair and makeup. We will talk about each of them in detail so I can really pinpoint what they are wanting and not wanting. Many pictures can be very similar, but a couple details can change the whole style or makeup look.

Anything else the bride needs to know?
Never be scared or nervous to ask your stylist or makeup artist a question. No question is a silly question. That’s what we are here for! Take good care of your hair and skin. Always use healthy products and drink lots of water so your skin is nice and hydrated 🙂 Research your bridal specialist before booking them and placing a retainer/ deposit. Instagram is a great tool to use to reference their work, or a professional website. Also, something important I think a bride should know is if they are signing a contract please respect all terms in the contract. From start to finish (from time of booking to the day of the wedding).

Other tips, products, advice for non-bride clients?

My best advice to you- On the day of the
wedding emotions are going to be flowing; It can seem overwhelming and people can be high strung at times, so choose who gets ready with you wisely. If your Aunt Becky, Grandma Shirley or friend Erica drives you crazy, is an over reactor, or has made you feel overwhelmed in certain situations in the past… kindly tell them they aren’t invited to be in your hotel room, airBNB, house, etc while you’re getting ready for your wedding. It’s YOUR wedding day, you choose your energy that day! Good vibes only. Amiright? It’s your day, girl! But if you want everyone there, then by all means go for it!!

My favorite products to use on wedding days!
Hair: Loma Molding Crème, Loma Nourishing Oil, MoroccanOil Medium Hairspray, Kenra Dry Texture Wax, Kenra Shine Spray and Sexy Hair Powder Play
OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Cream, Temptu Core 7 Serum, Temptu Perfect Canvas Foundation, Tarte and Nars concealers, Marc Jacob’s bronzer, BeautyCounter Dewy Skin Tint and Ardell Extension false lashes

Some of my favorite looks…

(Hillary even did a few of these too!)

Of course, I had to show my own wedding hair. I told Hillary I wanted a classic, no fuss, BIG BUN. (To match my layered-dramatic, ball gown skirt) She absolutely NAILED IT! If I had to do it again… I wouldn’t change a thing! <3

Working in bridal has been a dream come true for me. I appreciate the creativity. I feel honored seeing a love story unfold in front of my eyes. I admire connecting with other professionals. But also, I love making people feel special. Hillary did just that for me on my wedding day. I’ve worked with hundreds of brides, but this time, I was the bride that felt special. Hillary gave me that. Hillary made me feel beautiful.

Thank you Hillary for letting me feature you on my blog! I’m lucky to have found “my girl”, and also a good friend to play catch-up with….(because don’t we all have our very own hair girl that listens to all of our problems, dreams, and drama?!) If you’re in the market for bridal hair or makeup, stop looking, and contact Hillary today! You won’t regret it.

Visit her Instagram HERE!

Book with her directly HERE!


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