Year 26

Year 26 has come and gone, and this one was no doubt, my most life changing-God giving one yet. Also far and away, the quickest one. Looking back on where I was last August… a pregnant, still newlywed wife, anxiously picking out nursery paint colors, embracing time with just my husband, and waiting for our sweet baby to eventually be born. I’m reflecting back on what I’ve learned in the past year:

  • It’s always worth the wait. Whatever you may be waiting for. Waiting to find out the gender of our baby was the best decision we had made throughout our pregnancy. I’ll never forget hearing Jake say, “It’s a BOY!” No doubt will we be choosing to do it again with our future babies. I think those three words spoken were my favorite of all, in year 26 <3
  • Speaking of our happy boy… I’ve embraced being a BOY MOM better than I initially thought I could. To be honest, I was terrified that if I had a boy, I wouldn’t be a very good mom. Although I grew up with three brothers, I am 100% all girl. Pink, bows, makeup, give me ALL OF IT. I’ve impressed myself though, and have quickly embraced the cheesy onesies with trucks, and sports on them. I day dream about Connor one day playing baseball, staring out the car window at the construction crew in the dirt, and going fishing with his dad.
  • Time spent with my husband is precious time. Between having a baby, not living close to family, and then a global pandemic, Jake and I have had three nights out alone since January. Although we usually end up talking about Connor the majority of the time, our conversations over a good glass of wine are something I’ll never take for granted anymore. This past year has given me a new kind of love for my husband.
  • Time spent alone is also a gift. Being a wife and a mother is a dream come true. But I think most parents can say that before children, we most definitely took alone time for granted. Giving myself 45 minutes to work out, roam the aisles of Target, or simply drive 5 minutes down the street for an iced coffee sometimes feels like a vacation. It’s just those few minutes I need though to reset myself, and ultimately be a better wife and mother for my boys.
  • I miss my family more than I ever have before. I’m getting the itch to head back to my hometown, and loving the idea of buying a piece of land, to build our forever home on… that’s only a quick car-ride away from my family. I have loved our time in Cleveland, but I know my heart is closer to family, and letting Connor be closer to family.
  • Women are bad asses. Listen, I knew I was strong. My mom raised me to be tough. But childbirth; childbirth is a great way to brag to your husband that you can do just about ANYTHING. Women are badasses. If you’ve gone through pregnancy and birthed a child, you know what I’m talking about. Year 26, the year I BELIEVED that I was as strong as I had always tried to convince myself.
  • I get to choose my family. Not exactly, but I learned that family doesn’t always mean blood. Unfortunately I have family that I’ve grown distant from, but I have friends that would bend over backwards for me. It’s entirely up to me who I allow in my circle. I’m thankful for the friends that are like family.
  • Mondays are my new favorite. If this isn’t a sign that I’m getting old, than I don’t know what is. I’ve recently been loving Monday mornings. There’s nothing like a fresh start to the week with goals ahead. I am most productive on Monday with grocery planning, blog planning, an early walk with Connor, and just ready to take on the week.
  • Time waits for no one. This has been the hardest pill to swallow of all. My heart gets a bit heavier each night I put Connor to sleep, knowing he’ll wake up older and more independent the next day. Everyone says it, but now I feel it so deeply;

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

Year 26 was unforgettable. The world is in a very uncertain place, but I’m still over here trying to bottle up and live in every single moment. No matter what’s ahead in the future, I’m hopeful year 27 will give me all that I need. <3 XOXO,

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