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With [most] weddings getting postponed to next year, it’s giving brides more time to plan out a few extra details for their big day. The venue, florist, and photographer are most likely already set; the special, intimate details though don’t need to be.

Once you finally get that sparkly diamond on your finger, you pop that bottle of champagne and celebrate with your new fiance’, it’s time to start thinking about the people that will be standing beside you at the alter. Some brides struggle with the actual number of friends to ask in their party, but like everything else I preach, YOU MAKE THE RULES! Maybe your bridal party consists of only your siblings, just your very best friend, OR all 12 of your favorite girls. Either way, it’s up to you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, or else you’ll look back and regret the people you didn’t invite (or felt pressured to).

Get creative when asking those special people! Here are a few ideas:

Have a bouquet of flowers delivered to their house. Is there really anything better than being surprised with florals in the middle of the day?!

Custom wine bottle labels. Grab your girl’s favorite bottle of wine, and place the custom label right overtop the original. Bonus, include these cute wine stoppers too!

Custom Coffee mugs. Check out Etsy or Zazzle. There are so many cute varieties, like the one below!

A custom bracelet from The Callaway Collection. These are so trendy right now. I can’t get enough of them to add to my stack.

A “favorite things” box: A cute DewEdit or Chelsea King scrunchie, your girl’s favorite candy, handmade soap or bath truffles from RBSoapCo, her favorite scented candle, waterproof mascara, Amazon’s popular “Yeti”-knock off, and a personalized photo of you two in a frame. Get creative!

A hand written note. At the end of the day, nothing can beat a heart felt letter to your besties. Simple, but perfect! (This is what I did <3 )

*If you’re still wanting more.. check out Etsy! The customized gifts are endless!*


Jewelry for the wedding day. Kendra Scott earrings or bracelet are a quality keepsake that they can wear forever. (I gave my MOH this classic pendant bracelet as a thank you for throwing me a shower, but it also matched her bridesmaid gown perfectly too.)

Monogrammed clutches to carry day-of makeup, toiletries, etc. I ended up ordering something similar to these for my girls.

Getting ready outfit. A matching pajama set, monogrammed collard shirt, romper, or a classic robe. My mom bought simple white satin robes for my girls, but I love this matching set my girlfriend gifted her bridesmaids. (Just make sure you can slip your outfit off without messing up hair and makeup.)

Help pay for bridesmaid gowns, hair, and/or makeup. Gifts are nice keepsakes, but we can all admit, being a bridesmaid can get PRICEY. As the bride, opt out of other gifts and put a deposit down for each of your girls’ gowns, or gift them getting their hair professional done. If I could go back, I probably would have opted for this route!

Lastly, I headed to Instagram and asked others what some of their favorite unique gifts they have received:

  • Meaningful jewelry. Ex: A necklace with coordinates from where you met the bride
  • Personalized cold cups, mugs, Yetis, etc.
  • Beach cover up (for a destination wedding!)
  • Lululemon yoga mat (for morning-of yoga with the girls!)
  • A family heirloom. Ex: Gift your MOH or sisters-to be, a handkerchief, piece of jewelry, antique family photos, etc.
  • Anything that doesn’t say “Bridesmaid” on it. Because will they ever actually use that again?!
  • Lastly, the best response I received… “Being asked to be in a wedding is a gift in itself!”

With that being said, gifts are just that. A little something extra to show your girls that you are thankful for them. If you’re tight on a budget though, none of this is necessary. Truly just saying “thank you” to them, for being a part of your special day… is enough. Making sure everyone feels loved and appreciated is the best gift you can give.


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