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The wedding industry is a lot. It’s growing, it’s changing, it’s becoming a circus act if we are being honest. Whether you’re a new bride, or diving deeper into the industry as a professional like me, it’s straight up OVERWHELMING. As trends change, you may feel the need to “Keep Up with the Jones'”…. at least I feel that way! Although my main focus is on bridal gowns, I dream of helping others plan and style their weddings as well. I know I have the creative bone inside of me, but putting myself into this competitive world is scary. Like most of anything in life, we can easily feel like we don’t have enough money or experience to make a name for ourself. That’s the boat I’m currently sitting in.

On social media I follow dozens of wedding planners, florists, stylists, designers, etc. that create the most beautiful weddings, mood boards, and styled shoots. For those of you that aren’t quite sure what a “styled shoot” is; in simple words, it’s a mock set up of a wedding. As the planner/stylist, you reach out to other vendors to volunteer their time or services to create a mock-up of a wedding day or idea. This mock-up will then be photographed, leaving beautiful images for all to use as promotional and/or creative use. This is an excellent way to get your name out into the industry, and showing off your talent.

Back in September, I read a blog post by one of my favorite creators in the industry, Rhiannon Bosse. She is a wedding planner/florist, mom of two young boys, out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I admire not only her jaw-dropping classy and timeless style, but also her raw honesty on balancing it all with motherhood. She wrote a post that you can read HERE, that really spoke to me. Sure, you could spend all your money on creating a beautifully perfect styled shoot, with the best hand-picked local vendors, or you can go simple; simply because you want to. This blog post of her’s encouraged me take on a simpler styled shoot INTENTIONALLY. Instead of getting overwhelmed with perfection, and spreading myself too thin (while 8 months pregnant), I wanted to take on a smaller concept. I involved vendors that I’ve worked with in the past, and invited a new one as well. As I grow in my profession, I can slowly reach out to more influencers around me. Baby steps! 🙂

Photoshoot details…

With the goal of a staying intentionally simple, I needed to challenge myself on still creating a real life concept. I thought back to the brides I’ve worked with and all of their wild and untraditional ideas for their own weddings. Almost instantly I remembered a handful of girls that were shopping for wedding gowns, even though they were already technically married. Yep! They had eloped at the courthouse (and are just celebrating with the party now!) BINGO! A simple, yet intentional styled idea.


If you remember my personal styled shoot, about re-wearing my wedding gown, I was lucky enough to work with local vendors, Brandie Renee Photography AND Blossom Cleveland. (Post HERE, in case you missed it!) I’m blessed to say they both took me up on another offer… but this time I wanted to include a new vendor as well. **Insert Impress Event Branding here!!**

With an “elopement” concept, not much is truly needed in the real life scenario, therefore how would I include vendors other than the photographer snapping the pictures?! My idea was that the happy couple was just so smitten and in-love, that they couldn’t wait to get married any longer. On New Year’s Eve, they each threw on an appropriate outfit [already found in their closets], picked up a bouquet at the local florist, and skipped off to the courthouse to FINALLY make it official. After-the-fact, their “Elopement Announcements” would be mailed out… hence the gorgeous flat lay of stationary below! A simple concept, involving three local girl boss’s! CHECK!

A huge thank you to Brandie with Brandie Renee Photography for doing her magic the day of the shoot, while I stood back and watched 🙂 Thank you to Megan, owner of Blossom Cleveland for providing this beautiful bouquet and flat-lay boutonnière. And finally, thank you Camille, for the most perfect New Year’s Eve Elopement Announcement! As a “newbie” in this wedding world (and in Cleveland), I am so appreciative of these ladies allowing me to showcase their work.

All stationary compliments of Impress, located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Florals provided by Blossom Cleveland, in Lakewood, Ohio.

Whether you are just getting started in a new adventure and scared to take the risk, or you feel overwhelmed in a season of life… I encourage you to simplify in 2020. You don’t have to “keep up”; be intentional with your dreams.

Wishing you a wonderful New Years! See you in few days <3 XOXO,

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