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For my second edition of “Small Business Spotlight” I am happy to showcase this genuine lady from my sweet hometown, AND who happens to be a young momma like me. Kasannah graduated a year after me, but ended up marrying into another big Waynesville family, similar to mine. Within the last year she’s taken her creative talent, and made it into a growing small business. Kasannah actually reached out to me via Instagram, and I feel honored to feature her in my blog, and hopefully help her get a few new customers. (I know I’ll be ordering a wreath for the Fall.)

Tell us about yourself! 

I was born in Waynesville, Ohio, where my husband and I still live. We love our little small town, in all it’s charm and weirdness. My husband Myles and I have a fierce, energetic almost-two-year-old daughter named Penelope. We live within five minutes of every member of our immediate families. My husband has four siblings, mind you. I am a former English major and teacher. I love journaling and reading, iced coffee in hand, and proof of that is usually littering every surface of our home. I grew up riding horses and around all kinds of other animals. Now, going to my parents’ farm always provides a quiet and a peace I didn’t realize was missing until I’m there.

Q: How did you come up with Kindly Grown? 

A: I have always loved giving gifts, especially those I create myself. I have also loved that flowers were the answer to any emotion. Celebration? Flowers. Grieving? Flowers. Just a Tuesday? Flowers. I loved the thought of providing people beautiful flowers for any experience or emotion.

The defining moment for Kindly Grown happened when my daughter was almost one. I was beginning to believe I was more than diapers and feedings. One night, I came out from putting Penelope to sleep to find boxes of sola wood flowers and craft supplies on my porch. A friend had unexpectedly left the contents of her Etsy shop to me because she was moving. She left me her flowers with a blessing and commissioning: “Do something with them because I believe you can”. Her belief in me, along with the confidence I’ve found through motherhood, gave me enough bravery to just try.

Q: What are sola wood flowers?

A: Sola wood flowers are made from the root of the tapioca plant, called cassava or arrowroot. The bark is formed into thin sheets that are then fashioned into flowers (not by me.) The flowers are naturally cream in color but can be dyed or painted any color at all. They last forever. 

Q: What do you have to offer? Customizations? Prices? Etc. 

A: I make décor for homes and events, including weddings. I take a lot of custom orders, but I also have items in two Waynesville shops, Forget Me Not and Etselle. My most popular items are wedding bouquets, wedding bouquet recreations, and wreaths. I love taking custom orders and making something completely unique for someone’s taste and personality. I am able to customize everything about my products: the type of flower, the color, and the added greenery.  

Q: What is your favorite thing to create?

A: My favorite projects are wedding bouquet replicas. I love memorializing the details of a very special day in someone’s life. I do that when I create wedding bouquets, but there’s something even more special about replications. I have the honor of bringing back the joy and memories from a special day in a couple’s life while also celebrating all the life they have lived together since their wedding day. Bouquet replicas are also a fun creative challenge. Sometimes I need to hunt for the perfect flowers and greenery. I have dreams of replicating a grandma’s or distant relatives’ bridal bouquet for someone in their family. All I need is a photo to bring a bouquet back to life.

Q: How can others place an order?

A: You can reach me through my Facebook page, Kindly Grown, my Instagram, @kindlygrown, or email at Orders can be placed by messaging me directly using any of my social media. After getting a few details about your order, I will send you a home décor order form which includes pricing and details, or a wedding quote/consultation form. Both forms are also located in the link of my Instagram bio. Purchases can also be made through my Etsy shop, Kindly Grown. 

Fun facts from Kasannah:

  • I love black licorice flavored things.
  • I prefer iced coffee, even in the winter. I also prefer it often!
  • I love bright, spring colors. We painted the kitchen of our last apartment yellow and now we’re planning a pink kitchen renovation in our current home.
  • I love to cook, and I love sharing recipes and cooking show recommendations with my dad.
  • My parents just bought a new farm and I have dreams of a pick-your-own wedding bouquet situation for Kindly Grown next year!

Friends, do me a favor and go check out Kindly Grown on social media! Recreate your wedding bouquet, gift a friend an arrangement, or simply just pass along her services to someone that would love it. The more I write, and the farther along I get into this season of motherhood; the more I want to encourage and help other woman in my life. Kasannah is a joy to work with… experience it yourself!


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