Q&A with Real Life Bride, Katie

I’m happy to bring back my second round of Q&As with my girlfriend, Katie! If you missed my first round last September with my bestie, Kelsey, click HERE! I featured her gorgeous wedding, and asked all about her vendors, her proposal, her best advice for brides, and more.

So, here we go again!

Katie just celebrated her one year anniversary with her husband, Bill; and of course, was a Matina’s bride! Although I wasn’t Katie’s consultant for her initial wedding gown appointment, we connected immediately through her fittings and bridesmaids’ shopping experience. Us girls at Matina’s loved Katie so much… now she works with us! Katie is chatty, bubbly, and simply a joy to be around. Not to mention, her wedding was STUNNING. You won’t believe that these photos are taken right here in northern Ohio.

Thank you Katie for allowing me to feature your wedding memories on the blog, and also for always being so supportive of my writing. Happy one year wedding anniversary, sweet friend <3

Let’s start with the basics!

Date:  July 19th, 2019 

Venue: Catawba Island Club

Photographer: Tracylynn Photography

Dress Designer: Caroline Castigliano

Shoes: Antonio Melani

Accessories: Headpiece: Matina’s Bridal // Vail: Toni Federici // Bracelet: Dillards // Earrings: Local boutique- E.J. Hannah // Wedding rings: Komara Jewelers // Ring on Right hand: A gift from close family friends

Q: How did your husband propose? How long was your engagement?   

 My husband proposed on Christmas Morning. We had just woken up and came out to our small tree in our apartment. I had him open his gifts first. I totally thought I had this Christmas in the bag. I had wrapped gifts leading up to his larger gift which was a personal tour of Ohio State Stadium. He is a huge Ohio State fan, so I knew this would be awesome! When he opened these tickets, he began to cry. I knew I I had it in the bag for sure after that, but little did I know he was about to do something even more special. I opened up my gifts from him. They were a toaster oven and food processor. Two things that I had asked for so I was super excited. Then he explained there was another gift under the tree. I was trying to explain to him that there wasn’t anything else under there and we have to hurry to get ready to go to both our parent’s houses. He walked over to the tree and found a small box. I looked at him, tears in his eyes, and shaking like a leaf- I knew what he was doing. I don’t remember all that was said when he was down on one knee except, ” I am just completely following my heart, will you marry me?” (I was sobbing already and asked him if he set up any cameras because I didn’t have a bra on and was in my Christmas PJs.) Our families were all waiting for us back at their houses, ready to celebrate. We had a year and half engagement, because we wanted to get married in the summer, and we are both teachers. 

Q: Your go-to stress reliever while planning?

 One of my go- to stress relievers while planning was having my workout routine. It really helped keep me focused, and knew that I was doing what was best for me. Honestly though, I wasn’t very stressed. I was more excited and knew that everything was going to fall into place exactly the way it should. 

Q: Favorite memory from your wedding day? (If you can pick just one!)

 There were so many amazing moments throughout the entire day.  I would have to say walking with my dad, to the man of my dreams. Seeing both of these men, who mean everything to me, cry, made my heart burst! Then of course I loved the boat ride we got to take pictures on, and the constant dancing I did the entire night, surrounded by all my family and wonderful friends.

Q: Did you get gifts for your bridesmaids? If so, what?

Yes. I got each girl a bag with her initials on it, filled with Old Navy flip flops for the dance floor, a robe from Etsy, and a cup for our mimosas. I also paid $50 dollars each towards their bridesmaid dresses and matching bracelets. 

Q: First dance song?

Can’t Help Falling in Love-Hailey Rinehart 

Q: Favorite part of the planning process?

My favorite part of the planning process was creating a majority of our decorations with family members. Also, having all of my family involved with helping me every step of the way with crafts, meetings, fittings, etc. I truly loved every second of it. 

Q: Where did you honeymoon?

We went to a Sandals Resort in Antigua. It was AMAZING! Our view was amazing, the food was delicious, and people were so friendly. We loved having that relaxing time together!

Q: If you could do it all over again, is there anything you would change?

If I could do it all over again, I honestly wouldn’t change one thing! It was extremely hot, which wasn’t the greatest since it was all outdoors… however, we made the best of it and so did all of our guests. It was literally the BEST DAY EVER! 

Q: Last piece of advice for brides. (Either for planning or for the day-of!)

ENJOY EVERY SECOND! You’ll do all the planning and it’s over before you know it. Make sure your event coordinator or photographer leaves a little bit of time for you to be able to see your venue with no one in it. Also, have them set aside a few minutes right after you are pronounced husband and wife to just yourselves; we were able to soak in that moment and I will never forget it. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Are things going to go the exact way you planned it? No probably not, but just roll with it. Enjoy the people there that came to celebrate your love. In the end, you will look back and say- “I’m thankful that I didn’t stress because I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy being in the moment”. 

I’ve met a lot of brides throughout my 3.5 years working in the industry, but working with a bride as sweet, gracious, and appreciative as Katie doesn’t come by very often. Katie, thank you for sharing your wedding and your HEART with everyone that you cross. Wishing you and Bill so many more years of love ahead <3 The best is yet to come!

PS If you’re still reading this… go watch Katie and Bill’s wedding highlight video. So swoon worthy!


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