Summer 2020

Thinking of “Summer Inspiration” in the middle of a season where weddings are pretty much MIA/TBD can be a bit tricky. The majority of us are laying low this summer, wearing our workout clothes most of the day, and trying to get creative with our time. I’m grateful Jake’s parents live at the beach, so we were able to take a road trip down last week, escaping Cleveland for the first time since last August. Our vacation was spent social distancing ourselves at the beach, making dinner at home with my in-laws, and truly just enjoying some simple moments away from Ohio.

Rather than putting my focus on wedding trends this summer, I’m focusing on the self-made delights that we can all create; “quarantine stye”. These days, our mornings have been a bit slower, our afternoons have been filled with local iced coffees, and our evenings spent under our twinkle-light patio. Although this summer isn’t spent at the pool, or treating ourselves to a date-night out (while Grandma babysits), I’m determined to still make it special.

These are the days I want to remember.

Summer Date Night-In Ideas:

  • Charcuterie board and wine pairings. We did this a couple months ago on our back patio, during an unusually warm spring evening.
  • Smore’s and movie night. It ended up snowing this night (back in April), so we made it work with a candle. It was the perfect kind of cozy.
  • Crepes and rose’ on the patio. I wanted to test out a new recipe, so THIS one from Joanna Gaines’ new book looked fun! And of course, Rose’ pairs well with anything, right?!
  • Mexican dip and 90s sitcoms. I can’t say I came up with this idea all on my own. For years, I remember my parents would make a simple layered Mexican dip, put a blanket down in the living room, and have a picnic, just the two of them. Sometimes us kids would eat a completely different meal (or would try to sneak some of their dip). But I always remember it being “their thing”. I’m sure Seinfeld, or The King of Queens was playing too. Now I force Jake to carry on this sweet tradition.
  • Bake off/cook off. This hasn’t happened YET, but Jake and I have been dying to have some type of Chopped-inspired cook off! We are both convinced that we are better cooks than the other. Stay tuned for the results.
  • Chic-fil-A in your trunk. I stole this idea from Instagram blogger, @ourfauxfarmhouse. Grab some nuggets and waffles fries, pop your trunk, and relax. (Connor will be crashing this date.)
  • Ice cream for dinner. Or before dinner!
  • Youtube music videos, with your favorite drink. My best friends and I use to do this in college all the time. Missy Elliot, Shakira, Backstreet Boys; all the oldies, paired with a Tito’s and water, makes for an impromptu dance party.
  • Baseball on the big screen, with ball park snacks. I’ve seen many people have movie nights with a giant projector, outside. Now that baseball is back though… watch a night game with some caramel corn, a hotdog, and beer.
  • Take out of your favorite local restaurant. When in doubt, don’t worry about cooking and support local. Dewey’s Pizza is our favorite!
BTS charcuterie date night <3

Although our Summer may look different than we planned, I hope this post inspires you to still make it your best yet! If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that maybe, just maybe, we all needed this slower, simpler, season of life. Instead of waiting for the storm to pass, live in it. How will you spend this time given to you? XOXO,

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