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I want to start off saying that some of y’all may not like this post. That’s okay! Before working in the bridal gown world, I probably wouldn’t have totally liked it either… but please remember that I’m coming from a professional point-of-view, and “a few years under my belt” worth of experience on this topic. If you’ve already been shopping for your wedding gown, I hope your experience was absolutely magical, just as you’ve been dreaming of your entire life. If you haven’t gotten there yet, KEEP READING, and thank me later 🙂

If you’re reading my blog, you’re most likely a female (except Jake, hi!!). You maybe, probably, have also watched a few wedding shows in your life as well (I’m looking at you, TLC, Say Yes to the Dress). I am here to break your heart though; that show? Yeah, that’s not real life. That is pure gold TV! Now let me back up for a second, the brides that are picking out their gowns, THAT is real. The entourage of 15 people, the emoji signs to rate each gown, and the confetti/bottles of champagne?? That’s not.

With TV and the growth of social media, has come a big leap in the bridal industry. Ideas and options are pretty much endless, and expectations may or may not be set to an unrealistic standard. Thanks to Say Yes to the Dress, my job has become increasingly harder. Brides are calling to make appointments with 5-10 other guests. Those said guests are then coming in with opinions that truth be told, don’t need to be heard. Now, now…you probably think I’m just being a Grinch. I’m here to give you some facts on WHY you need to leave your entourage at home. I promise you, your overall experience will be more enjoyable, less frustrating, and in the end, very special and intimate.


  • YOUR opinion matters most…. not your random college roommate or Great Aunt Susie. Often times during the appointment I have to give a very subtle, friendly reminder that the gown is about what the BRIDE wants. There are a lot of “I like”s being thrown around from the crowd, and suddenly the most important opinion is forgotten.
  • Speaking of opinions; EVERYONE HAS ONE. With that, comes opinions that you most likely don’t need to hear nor agree with. Let me break your heart (again)…. someone at your appointment [or at your wedding] is not going to like your gown. NONE OF THAT MATTERS AS LONG AS THAT PERSON ISN’T YOU! *Moving on*
  • Part of the reason I love my job so much is because I am such an emotional person. To make a sale, I have to be right along side of you, and encourage you to follow your heart. I truly feel honored to be a part of someone’s special moment, but with a larger crowd, you lose that sense of intimacy. Make this once in a lifetime moment with just your mom, (or your sister, Grandma, whoever that person may be in your life). Please remember, she’s been waiting her whole life for this moment too!
  • Smaller appointment groups = more time to shop! Your consultants can focus on YOU! You’ll be able to get through more gowns during the try-on process, ask specific customization questions, and get to know your consultant better. You won’t have cousin Mary pulling gowns that are twice your budget, or opposite from the vision you have in your head. Everyone will be more focused!
  • Lastly, the less people you bring to your appointment, the more of a surprise it will be on your wedding day for your guests! Every single bride deserves THAT moment walking down the aisle, with guests gasping over how gorgeous she looks. Let the moment be BIG for you.

If you’re still feeling guilty, let your guests tag along AFTER the purchase of your gown; like during a fitting, after a hair/makeup trial, etc.

Just like anything in life, the more opinions you ask for, the messier life can get. For such an intimate moment such as finding your wedding gown, I strongly recommend bringing only the most important person/people in your heart. Don’t let someone else’s strong opinion get in the way of your decision. At the end of the day, YOUR opinion is the only opinion that matters. XOXO,

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