A Valentine’s Day Inspired Post

Hi!! First of all, before I jump into this post, I wanted to say I’M BACK! After much anticipation, prayers, excitement, etc., I’m back to writing, with a BABY BOY in my arms!

Connor Herbie Hilgendorf was born January 28th, 2020!

We are adjusting well to our “new life”, and can’t believe he is OURS! Daddy is back to work this week, so I’m figuring out our routine and trying to stay busy between naps, feedings, and much needed couch cuddles. Bare with me as I write randomly here and there, BUT TRUST ME… exciting things are coming soon! ❤


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I must admit, I seem to be one of the few people that LOVE IT! “I love LOVE!” , and I’ve been saying that since high school. But, this holiday can also get a bad rep from many others… If you’re single, you may roll your eyes. Even if you’re married or dating, you may think it’s “dramatic” or “unnecessary” but being the hopeless romantic I am… I’m ALL FOR IT! Yes, everyday is a good day to celebrate love, but why not go even a little more extra on this special day?! If only we always loved like we do on Valentine’s Day!

You may be celebrating with your girlfriends over drinks, or having a romantic dinner with your fiancé. (I’ll be spending a night in with my boys… PS I love saying that😍)

Here’s some Valentine’s Day inspo that I couldn’t seem to stop pinning. Red and pink together can be a bit much, but here’s proof that you can make your decor classy and not a big cheese ball mess! Ha! Or if you’re super adventurous wanting to get married on Valentine’s Day, know that you can play into the holiday without the tacky.

I’m not sure what I love more… the soft pink palettes, or the mixtures of bold reds. Happy Valentine’s Day from my little family… to you! And between the cuddle sessions and naps, thanks for being patient on my posts ❤ XOXO,

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