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Wedding season may be slowing down, but holiday season is in full swing! I’m actually working my last wedding of the year this Saturday, and I’m excited to see the festive holiday decor incorporated throughout the day.

It’s quite interesting hearing others’ opinions on weddings near the holiday season. People love them or hate them. Either way, the creativity aspect doesn’t need to be limited to just traditional red and green, and Christmas trees. I felt inspired to put together a quick post on a few of my favorite holiday-time wedding looks. Enjoy!

When in doubt, twinkle lights. Everywhere! Sticking to neutral colors will never go out of style in my opinion. And neither will warm white twinkle lights and countless candles. It’s romantic, and a subtle ode to the holiday season.

If your personality is a bit more on the edgy side, I am LOVING dark and moody greens. Bonus! Add in a cozy velvet texture.

A trend I’ve already seen a few times this year is”bringing the outdoors inside”. Pinecones, evergreen, and other rustic touches will make you and your guests feel like they’ve escaped into a wintery forest.

If Christmas is totally your thing, then of course you can always roll with the traditional colors of deep reds, cranberry floral accents, etc. It would be fun to add a hot chocolate bar later into your evening, and gift your maids some winter fur boleros.

There’s nothing wrong with a theme, as long as YOU love it!

If you’re a fellow wedding vendor reading this post, Congrats! You’ve survived the craziest season ever. If you’re a family member or friend, Happy Holidays! I’ll be slowing down with the business side of things until the start 2022. (I have just one more post to sneak in, in a couple weeks.) I don’t want to miss a single second of this season with my family… but I can’t go without saying thank you! Thank you to everyone who keeps reading, and the ones showing up in my corner. I am eternally grateful. XOXO,

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