“Behind every Instagram post is a husband just trying to live his life”

Blogging lately has taken a back seat to our fun-filled fall schedule, home building process, growing another baby, and of course promoting my coordination business. I can’t go without saying that it’s all possible only because I married a man that supports me in every aspect of life. He’s been begging for a “feature” on my website, so I think it would be appropriate to showcase him just a few days before his birthday! To know Jake is to know that he’s never met a stranger; I often joke that he could make conversation with a wall. He’s extroverted (maybe even more so than me), loves his family, and is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS happy. I rarely see him in a grumpy mood.

Here’s a few more fun facts about my husband…

Drink of choice:

Bourbon neat or an iced cold beer

Favorite show to binge watch:

King of Queens (or any sitcom for that matter)

Next city you want to travel to:

Charleston, South Carolina

Your “happy place”:

On the water, on a boat

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life:

General Tso’s Chicken

Favorite holiday tradition:

4th of July cookouts

Favorite Movie:

Rush Hour 2 (Yes, 2)

Best part of being a dad:

I love to make Connor smile and laugh!

A quote to live by:

“Nothing changes, if nothing changes”

Your favorite wedding day memory:

The party, and seeing everyone having fun during the reception

Advice for future grooms:

Just give her what she wants

Bachelor Party ideas/tips:

Keep it simple. It’s all about just hanging out with your friends. You could do a bunch of nothing and still have a good time.

Thoughts on marriage:

Don’t be boring. Always make fun out of the mundane. And don’t sweat the little things.

What you’re looking forward to most this coming year:

Dad X2! “Being a girl dad” (PS no, we still don’t know the gender, he’s just convinced)

Jake, I love you… and Connor loves you even more! You’re the energy, the positivity, and the captain of our family. May year 29 be filled with our best memories yet!


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I’m Kelly! Born and raised in Ohio, wife to Jake, and boy Mom to Connor and Henry. Blogging about life, motherhood, and helping brides make their dreams come true. 

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