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Happy Sunday, after a very long and weird holiday week! This post was meant to go live days ago, but let’s be honest… my computer went dead, and I’ve spent the last week outside finally enjoying the Cleveland summer weather. So while you’re winding down on a Sunday evening, here’ s an easy read that I actually wrote up weeks ago. HA!

For as long as I can remember, I had dreamt about my wedding day. I knew I wanted touches of blush pink throughout, because DUH, I’ve always been pink girl. I had a gut feeling that I would wear a ball gown, because how many times can one appropriately get away with wearing a ball gown in life?! And of course, I had hoped and prayed I would find a man that would make all my dreams come true (Insert Jake her). One thing I didn’t actually start thinking about until after I was engaged though was the morning of my wedding… Where would I be getting ready? A hotel room? My childhood bedroom? What would I be wearing? What music would I be listening to? All of those intimate questions hit me early on in the wedding planning process…. because little moments matter, y’all!

If you talk to someone that’s been married, almost every single person will say how fast the day flies by, and that you need to “really try to soak it all in.” So these questions that started floating around in my head became really important to me. I can honestly say that I didn’t feel like my day flew by, and even during some moments in the morning, I thought that I would never get to the alter. I credit myself for having the smaller details planned out, making everything more relaxing and enjoyable.

I remember sitting in my parent’s front room at one point, with my giant water bottle in hand, and looking around seeing all my best friends, my mother-in-law to be, and my own mom getting hair and makeup done, and felt a wave of peace come over me. All of my dreams were coming true right in front of my eyes. What better way to prepare myself to walk down the aisle to Jake than with my best girl friends?!

So here’s my advice to you; All of those intimate questions and details you want to plan out, YES, those MATTER! Find a play list that will get you in some type of mood. I wanted Old Dominion Country Radio on Pandora. A mix of my favorite bands that sang about love, and overall just easy to listen to! I also slept in my childhood bedroom that I grew up in, which helped me reflect the night before. I felt at peace staying with my parents in a familiar setting.

Probably the most special detail I made sure to include was how I would be getting to our next location after hair & makeup. I knew I wanted to ride with just my mom to the hotel to get dressed and start pictures. For years, the car has been “our place.” From high school to even now when I head south to visit; my mom and I always end up in the car gossiping for hours, while running errands and shopping. It ended up being a moment that I’ll never forget.

Whether you are sleeping in your childhood bedroom, or staying the night at a hotel close to your venue, make sure to think ahead about your morning routine. You’ll be anxious, nervous, excited, and a ball of emotions regardless, but whatever small details will help you enjoy it, MATTERS! Crank some 90’s boy band music, or sip on a chai latte. Remember that it’s YOUR day, and just once.. you get to make all the rules. 😉


*All shots captured by Alli Miller Photography

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