Friday Favorites 5.7.2021

Hi friends! I’ve been slightly MIA around here, but all for good reasons. We traveled a few places, have been spending time with family, trying to build a house, the list goes-on! So many wonderful things to soak up and look forward to. I’m also slowly working on freshening up my website with some new features and photos. For now… I’m linking up with Erika and Shay, and sharing a few of my favorite things that have been going on in our world 🙂

It’s May! My favorite month of the year (tied with June). There is always so much to look forward to. School is ending, weather is warming, and nothing but summertime ahead. How other’s feel about September 1st, PSL, sweaters, etc… yeah that’s how I feel about May 1st. Charcuterie nights on the back patio, fresh flowers, and living outside!

Connor passed his baked-in egg allergy test last week. This is so huge for us! He’s still peanut free and gluten free, but we are finally able to introduce him to gluten free breads, baked goods… oh, and gluten free Oreos! My momma heart aches knowing that he can’t have certain fun foods like other kids; but we are now one step closer.

I have a couple of fun blog posts in the works, but more excitedly; my calendar is filling up with weddings. Aside from being in 1, and attending 2 others… I’m coordinating 8 from now until September!

A sneak peek of my new branding photos, captured by Kayla and Caleb

I’m still reminiscing on our spring break trip to Seaside last month. Despite the rain, we loved our time there. I’m already looking at when we can schedule for a week-long trip next year!

My favorite of all favorites this week? …the first draft of our home was sent to us! After months of waiting, it feels so good to see progress. We’re hoping we stay on schedule and break ground at the end of June, but until then we are making sure our white modern farmhouse is absolutely perfect! A glimpse of our inspiration below 😉

I’m celebrating my 2nd Mother’s Day on Sunday. It’s still weird to me to think that I’m a mom. To the new moms, the experienced ones, the ones that are longing for a child of their own, and the moms that are watching from Above… what a privilege it truly is to be a part of this “club”.

Tiny Connor, last year. Quarantined on my first Mother’s Day <3

Happy weekend! Don’t forget to call your mom, call your grandma, or maybe ask your husband to take your toddler so you can sleep in a little longer 😉

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