Designer Spotlight, Hayley Paige

With the new Summer season in full swing, I wanted to introduce a new series to the blog called, “Designer Spotlight.” I’ll chat about specific designers that I work with, and hopefully give you a better idea what may be more your style, fit your venue, or simply just narrow down your Pinterest board.

I think it’s appropriate to start with the IT GIRL of Bridal, Hayley Paige! 1) Because I’m biased, I wore one of her gowns, and I am 100% an HP girl 2) If you are into wedding dresses, you’ve most likely already heard of her, and 3) I think she fits perfectly into my summer mood board. (HELLO bold colors and patterns!!)

Follow her on Instagram at @misshayleypaige

Hayley Paige currently lives and designs in New York City. Her gowns are modern, edgy, flirty, trendy, and anything but boring! She’s not scared to use color, bold patterns, or a variety of fabrics. Some may say she’s too much, but I disagree. She makes wedding gowns FUN! (Coming from the girl that picked the most basic Hayley Paige gown ever designed HAHA!) Common trends found in Hayley Paige gowns are the infamous horse hair-handkerchief skirt, plunging necklines that look like they are straight from the runway at NYBFW, textured fabrics, and more times than not, lots of sparkle!

Hayley Paige currently has two wedding gown lines; “Couture” and “Blush”, a bridesmaid line “Hayley Paige Occasions”, a flower girl line “La Petite”, a red carpet line, an athleisure line *that I’m wearing in my photo above!*, and now a jewelry line, “Hearts On Fire”. …not to mention her own emojis too! 😉 I’m not sure if there’s anything this girl boss can’t do?!

I believe one thing that makes Hayley Paige so relatable and encouraging to young brides is that she personally runs her own Instagram page. She doesn’t have anyone else post for her, making it even cooler when she goes out of her way to reply to every single photo she’s tagged in! And let’s be honest, Instagram is EVERYTHING THESE DAYS. Girls are dying to be “Hayley Paige Brides”! #JustGotPaiged

I strongly suggest that you visit the Hayley Paige website, OR follow her on Instagram… there are SO MANY stunning gowns, making it seriously hard for me to pick which ones to throw into today’s post. Below are just a small handful of her beauties <3

Similar to her wedding gowns, Hayley Paige offers a variety of bridesmaid gowns as well. You can get almost any style of gown in almost any color of your choice. (Can you tell I love pink?! 😉 ) She also offers a wide range of fabrics; the most popular being chiffon, but other options are crepe, satin, caviar, english net, lace and her newest metallic fabric; pictured in gold below.

… and of course, what’s a complete bridal party without a matching Flower Girl dress?! La Petite by Hayley Paige has the cutest gowns and graphic tees for your mini me.

And just to showcase a few other things this lady can do/has time to fit into her crazy busy life apparently?!

Her red carpet line…

Her new jewelry line, Hearts on Fire.

And her super fun (AND FREE) bitmoji app, Holy Matrimoji!

Of course you can wear Hayley Paige year-round, but I think she’s even more perfect during the summer; the season where Rose’ is flowing and fashion is flirty and fun! Happy Friday XOXO,

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